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    • We’re fighting for pay parity to become a reality!

      We’re going to keep pushing for financial equality, and in the meantime, we’ve partnered with some incredible companies to help you stretch your purse power even further.

Purse Power

What is Purse Power?

Living a remarkable life includes the need to be financially empowered. However, the current national pay gap takes away our ability to live life to the fullest. Purse Power simply means achieving pay parity.

While we battle for equal pay, the Purse Power Portal gives you access to discounts on everyday items saving you up to $5,400 a year.

How are we going to do this?

At an individual level

We provide you with coaching on pay increase negotiations via our mentoring program Professional Growth and Development to help you succeed financially and achieve pay parity.

At a national level

We progress the conversation in the national media, engage influential companies, and lobby business groups.

Reducing living costs

While we work on achieving the parity we deserve, we’ve built the Purse Power Portal to help reduce the cost of living and harness the power of your purse. It’s also our way of saying thank you for being you – a Remarkable Woman.

Enter the Purse Power Portal

We’re all about making impacts on the things that matter, which is why we built the Purse Power Portal. As a member of The Remarkable Women, you’ll have instant and unlimited access to discounts like:

Up to 5% off groceries from major supermarkets
Up to 5% off petrol and major department stores
Up to 30% off movie tickets
Up to 11% off major hotels
And much more!

The portal is accessible from your phone, meaning instant discounts and savings are at your fingertips any time, any day.

Some of the amazing brands in the Portal


… And over 40 others!

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