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We’ve assembled a team of experts across every field to guide you, develop actionable strategies with you, then help make your dreams a reality. These visionaries started where you are, and they want to show you the path to success.

You name it, they’ve faced it and succeeded: creating influence, negotiating, leading, marketing, networking, branding, and beyond. No matter your objective — from a promotion to building your own empire — you’ll be able to connect with experts to match your ambition and show you the way.

Mentorship, on your terms.

Each month, you set the agenda. Your mentor will give you advice that directly applies to your situation based on their experience. At The Remarkable Woman, you have access to all the mentors you need, each ideally suited to match your ambition, challenge, or business needs.

Investing in mentoring makes you FIVE times more likely to get that promotion!

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Inner Circle

The Inner Circle gives you access to the Weekly Growth Hub with a bite-size lesson for your development, plus our Founders Weekly Wrap with everything you need to stay in the know. You also get access to our Facebook group, where you can build connections and meet like-minded women.

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This is the place to start your mentoring journey, to grow, achieve and influence.

Personal monthly 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, goal planning, invite-only events. Receive hands-on mentoring to realise your ambitions, develop strategies and action plans, stay accountable, and break through challenges. You’ll also receive 3 new custom courses per month, each tailored to your growth needs.

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Executive Circle

Our Executive Circle receives extensive hands-on mentoring and executive coaching from CEOs and other senior and board-level execs, including bi-monthly half-day workshops, a personal career coach, twice-yearly private dinners with keynote speakers, strategy sessions, and more.

Break the glass ceiling

Mentors are 20% more likely to receive a raise and 6x more likely to be promoted.

Meet some of our remarkable mentors

Hear from mentors who are motivating, influencing and inspiring through our programs and memberships:

“After working in strategy, leadership and finance for over 20 years, I relish the opportunity to give back. I often find that I get as much out of the mentees as they do from me. I really enjoy hearing about their goals and supporting them in their careers. Achieving true diversity in Australian workplaces is something I'm passionately working towards.”
Lucy Foster
CEO | Generation Life
“I pride myself on being able to listen, get to the crux of a problem quickly and give good advice. Just giving good advice is not enough though. Quite early in my career I received coaching that the best way to get information out of someone and help them find the solution to their problem was by asking questions. So as a mentor, I ask a lot of questions! And if I can't help, I use the power of my network to find someone who can. ”
Kate Tones
People Experience Leader | Merivale
“I thoroughly enjoy helping others to become their best self and see them succeed. Through storytelling, positive framing, and recognition feedback I find that mentees become inspired and motivated to drive personal change. My approach after our sessions is to inspire mentees to ‘pay it forward’ and go on to positively influence others”
Andy Almenara
Head of PMO | SBS Australia

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Passionate, successful people make the best teachers.

As a Remarkable Woman mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to give back while developing your own leadership skills. You’ll learn from new talent, generate innovative ideas, and benefit from the fresh perspectives of your mentees.

Invest in women achieving their goals and building their careers. Mentoring opportunities are available all across Australia.

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