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The four-day work week – does it really work?

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Women's Advocacy

How to use Covid-19 as an opportunity to create meaning in your life

Let’s be honest, most of us never saw this situation coming. We’ve had to readjust our work routines, our home lives, the way we socialise – and even more, just to be able to ride the waves during this challenging time.  But with this, we have also been given the most incredible opportunity to look inward and take stock. To ask ourselves, what are things that are really important in our lives - and why? In a time when our worlds can feel stripped of familiarity and joy, we also have the ability to reinvest meaning into it – and to discover what it really is that makes us tick.

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Scott Morrison, and a lesson on leadership

Last week our Prime Minister visited Cobargo, a town decimated by fires and suffering the loss of 2 of its locals while fighting to save their homes. The footage of Morrison shows him to be on a ‘handshake’ tour, forcibly shaking hands with a 20 year old woman who lost her home. Once the handshake is done, she starts emotionally calling out her grievances, only to see Morrison’s back. He was clearly done. The handshake, after all, was completed.

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Women's Advocacy

There can be no loopholes to accessing sex-selective abortions

As an Indian women with a heritage that’s rich with culture and rituals, as much as it is with the historical baggage of the dowry and the ‘burden of the girl child’; I know all too well why sex selective abortions can never be allowed.

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