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Women's Advocacy

There can be no loopholes to accessing sex-selective abortions

As an Indian women with a heritage that’s rich with culture and rituals, as much as it is with the historical baggage of the dowry and the ‘burden of the girl child’; I know all too well why sex selective abortions can never be allowed.

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Women's Advocacy

The disadvantages of being a female entrepreneur

More women are becoming entrepreneurs and business owners than ever before. However, there is still a big disparity in female representation in venture capital firms and founding partner positions. Even with all the disadvantages in front of them, here's how female leaders can be successful in entrepreneurship by understanding the glass ceiling holding them back. 

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Proven strategies to get the pay rise you deserve

These proven strategies have been put to the test time and time again. We’ve used them as a blueprint in our coaching sessions with women in preparing them to renegotiate their salaries; and the results have astounded even us. Time and time again we’ve seen that with the right strategy, the right coaching and the right preparation — anything is possible. Our members have gone on to negotiate an additional $10,000, $20,000 and in one case $80,000 more.

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Why mentorship is better than academics

The way that we learn is becoming a more important subject. New insights from psychology and neuroscience have opened many doors to innovate learning and make it more efficient. Technology has allowed everyone with a smart device to gain access to world-class education at minimal costs. But, it seems that mentorship is still the most effective way to learn the skills for your ultimate success.  

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