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My secret to getting it all done 👌

We're only human, after all.

What do Kamala Harris, Melinda Gates and Julia Gillard all have in common when it comes to their success?

Like all of us, they too have the same 24 hours in a day. 

But, it’s how they use those hours most productively that determines how much they accomplish.

Okay - before you say anything, I know what it’s like!

When you’ve got a busy career, a family and active social life - and you're also trying to make time to exercise, cook healthy meals AND have time left over for yourself, you start to wonder just how you’re going to get it all done... Not to mention achieve your own personal goals and evolve in the process(?!)

**Deep exhale**

Yep, the struggle is real.

“How the heck do I get everything done?”, is a question that is on the lips of even some of the most successful people - so no, you’re not alone if you too ask yourself this. 

So, this is where I want you to get forensic... well without needing the science degree. 

It’s all about breaking down the time you’ve got to achieve everything and translating all those stressful thoughts that swim around your head saying, ‘I should be doing more! Where do I start? I need more hours in the day! into action. Bite sized action, that is.

Trust me, the method I’m about to recommend calms a LOT of that ‘doing anxiety’ - and the crux of this is to become inherently conscious of where your time goes.

It’s a game-changer and the whole thing is available for our Signature members in the video lesson ‘How to get it all done’ which you can find here in the Remarkable Hub.

But I wanted to share a little of that magical insight for our inner circle as well, so here goes:

First, take a block of colourful post-its and write down all the things you want to achieve in the next few months; one year; five years. 

Ask yourself: who do you want to become professionally? Personally? Financially?

Broach all the areas of your life that you want to grow in and write these down - allowing yourself to meditate on the things you truly want.

Make sure to scribble down one goal per post-it of the same colour.

The next step - choose another coloured post-it and write down on each why that goal is important to you.

For example, if your goal is to get a promotion this year, your ‘why’ might be - so you can gain more skills and make more money to spend on the things you enjoy.

Then place each of these motivational reasons next to their corresponding goal.

Why is this helpful?

Well, whenever you’re absolutely exhausted from your day - and all you want to do is get home and slump on the couch in front of Netflix - seeing this will remind you why these goals are important to you and why you want to stay on track. As they say, clarity is key.

The third step is then to select a third colour post-it and write down one action per goal that you can take towards achieving that goal.

For example, is it perhaps booking in a chat with your boss? And putting together a case for why you deserve a promotion?

Write down one action per post-it and - you’ve guessed it, line each one up next to the right goal and motivation.

The last type of post-it you’re going to then create is one to go under every action.

On it, write down the amount of time you will need to complete the action.

That’s right - you’re going to make it time-bound!

Remember - what gets measured gets done.

And what are you going to do with this beautiful smorgasbord of post-its on your wall?

I invite you to prioritise the goals and corresponding actions that are most important to you and work these into what’s called your ‘Ideal Week’ Planner.

The Ideal Week Planner is the most effective way to plan your typical week and schedule all the important tasks ahead of time that will lead to your success. 

It’s the secret sauce to getting everything done!

If you’re a Signature member with us already, you can access this on the Remarkable Hub here. We’ve made sure you can edit it to really make it your own, while having all the benefits of the structured Ideal Week Planner already created for you. 

Or if you’d like to sign up and get your hands on your very own downloadable, editable version, you can become a member (and watch the dedicated video training on productivity and ‘getting it all done’!) by joining here.

The trick here is, that when you plan each goal out, you can work out how much you can realistically get done in a week, month or year by chunking your time - and working it into your schedule, with enough time dedicated to rest, play, and everything else you need to feel fully human.

Chunking in hours is the best way, rather than the full day, as the latter will give you too much time to procrastinate, since you don’t have a hard deadline. 

Therefore, give yourself that ‘sacred hour’, or two, three or four, to get your task done.

And soon you’ll find once you get into this routine, instead of the day running you - it’s you that runs the day!

Plus - here’s a fact that might surprise you: people tend to grossly overestimate what they can get done in a month, but grossly underestimate what can get done in one to five years.

So if you have longer-term dreams that you can break down into chunks, you may even find yourself achieving more as time goes on - and surprising yourself!

Ask yourself: what dreams can you start with now to put into action?

I’d absolutely love to hear how you get on.

While we’re here, I’ve taken the pain out of the productivity process and have made it as easy as possible for you to practise chunking your time by putting together a toolkit to maximise your productivity and achieve your goals - all as part of the Signature Membership

As a valued member, you’ll also receive access to our short and long courses, personal branding surveys, videos, downloadables, money calculators and more - which are perfectly designed to help you get more done and reach your full potential. Equip yourself with the right tools and watch as your productivity skyrockets!

Your remarkable life starts here.

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