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Here’s how to improve your money mindset 💰

It starts with a single step.

Do you ever find yourself buying into limiting beliefs about how much money you believe you can earn or even, deserve?

Do you ever feel, deep down, like you don’t have what it takes to achieve financial success?

Well there’s something incredibly important I want to share with you. Please, for your own good, read carefully.

In life, most things start with your mindset. If you believe it can happen, it does. Why? Because you engage your brain powerfully by setting goals, finding pathways to fulfil it and building agency with the people and resources you need to make it happen. 

And guess what? The same goes for money - it all starts with your money mindset. 

When I was 24, I found myself building up the courage to get divorced from an early-adult marriage. 

I found it horrendously difficult. It took everything I had within me at the time to get through that period. 

But luckily, I found that the life raft to my freedom was my financial freedom, which was only possible because of my own money mindset.  

The experience taught me so much about the power of money - and its ability to afford you choices. 

But while I was lucky, it also really opened my eyes to how women are still oppressed financially in so many ways.

Not only with the gender pay gap, but the way in which women on average, retire on around  50% of men’s retirement balances and a third of us retiring with no super at all.

Many of us don’t actually have the luxury of choices. 

And so if there’s one thing I can give to you, it’s the encouragement to work on your money mindset -  you’re very enabler to ensure you earn as much as you deserve over a lifetime. 

You can start now. 

It all starts with asking yourself one question:

“Why not me?”

Asking yourself this question, as well as doing the work in unpacking what has influenced your money story so far, and how you can rewire it for your future financial success, will make a lifetime of difference to your wealth...and your life. 

I’ll talk you through how to rebuild your money story and dissolve those limiting money beliefs in our video masterclass: Redefine Your Money Story. 

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