Your entire business plan in one page

You don't need a huge and tedious business plan to start making steps in the right direction. We've made a concise scaffold that you can fill in and use to focus your efforts. This is a resource that you can use to gain visibility on operations and processes and unify stakeholders under a common mission.

Also, you can sleep easy knowing that you have a document with your complete business plan to reference, edit and tweak. 

Fill in the form to download your fillable Lean Business Model Canvas.

The benefits of having a concise business plan include:

  • Strategies for long term growth
  • A clear understanding of what your resources are and who you need to help you
  • An overview of your business productivity
  • Clear operations and process movements
  • A road map that stakeholders, leaders, investors and partners can easily understand

The Lean Business Model Canvas (LMC) helps you put the right kind of pressure on your business ideas so that you can see how viable they are in the real world. 

It’s an adaptation of the business model canvas, however, the LMC is hyper geared toward startups who need to act swiftly, make decisions on the fly and get stakeholder buy-in – sometimes, all in the same day. It makes sure that you’re aware of all the essentials so that you can take action and be confident as you rally your team and delve into product creation mode and selling your offering. 

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