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Shivani is our CEO and she’s been right there in your shoes. Her passion for empowering women comes from a personal place, crediting her financial independence as a life raft for being able to leave an early adult marriage. “Money is critical in life for the choices it affords you” says Shivani. It gave her a first hand understanding of the importance of personal, professional and financial independence for women - which she now fuels into the work she does at The Remarkable Woman every day.

She’d struggled to find the quality mentoring she needed to get further, even once rejected by a mentor for being “too young and pretty” to be taken seriously. In the fearless fashion that Shivani regularly embodies, she took it on herself to train and study incredibly hard and in doing so, found great success in her professional career. Shivani has spent her professional career as a financial adviser, an award winning Business Development Manager and a senior people leader within financial services. While building her own professional career, Shivani noticed the giant gap of support for women who wanted to climb the ladder and attain senior roles. Wanting to give her all to support women achieve their dreams, she created the support network that is now The Remarkable Woman.


Shivani has gone on to win the Top 50 Small Business Leaders award and has quickly become recognised as a feminist thought leader for women, helping them navigate their careers, businesses and financial success.


You’ll see her magic touch in every aspect of The Remarkable Woman memberships and programs. Right down to the menu selection at events, Shivani believes it’s important to take care of members and treat them like family. The community should feel like home - a safe space where they can learn, connect and grow into the most remarkable versions of themselves.

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“Whether it’s in the board room or at home, equality is what you, and women everywhere, undeniably deserve. Women are truly remarkable and worthy of great things”


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