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The Remarkable Woman is a long-overdue movement. We’re advocates for closing the gender pay gap. We’re your voice on the front line. It’s your turn to become part of an active community where you’ll further your ambitions, relationships, and strategies with like-minded women. Learn from the best mentors. Undertake extensive courses and leadership training. Benefit from gender pay gap discounts, and attend spectacular events.

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“I have so much fun using the Purse Power Portal! It’s rather addictive being able to shop almost anywhere and get discounts on the spot! And being able to connect with a mentor no matter what is happening in my role really helps me feel positive”.
Muneeza Ahmad
Business Development Manager
“I feel more confident and at ease in my role with the support they give me. Their amazing mentors and courses have given me a real edge in my role...and a huge confidence boost! When it came to updating my resume, it was overwhelming but I was provided with great structural suggestions, advice and encouragement. It’s really like nothing else I’ve experienced elsewhere.”
Eliza Newmarch
Legal Secretary
“The mentoring I got from The Remarkable Woman was the best I’ve ever received in my life! Being part of their community is my secret weapon for success”
Emma Plummer
Accounts Executive


Connect with mentors, network with like-minded women, access professional training, huge partner discounts, and more

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“You are your most important asset. We invest in you so your career, business and life can grow in line with your potential. We believe in every woman’s ability to live a stronger, bolder, more remarkable life.”
Shivani Gopal
Founder of The Remarkable Woman

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